About Us

Penobscot Valley School of Gymnastics - serving Bangor area children since 1979!

  • We are a member club of USA Gymnastics
  • Our directors are safety certified by USA Gymnastics

Sportastiks Curriculum

PVSG uses the nationally acclaimed Sportastiks program of standardized gymnastics instruction.

  • Developed by a child psychologist and a national gymnastics champion, in consultation with pediatricians and motor development professionals
  • Well planned, tested, no-fail curriculum
  • Step by step skill building system
  • Workbooks for preschool and grade school age groups

Sportastiks offers an ideal physical fitness outlet for children and young teens because it is enjoyable and can be learned by most everyone, even toddlers. It also offers valuable training in strength, coordination and flexibility.


PVSG is located at 615 Odlin Road Suite 1 in Bangor, Maine. The Take Exit 182B off the interstate. At the lights, take a left. Pass Dunkin Donuts, Holiday Inn, and Gold's Gym. Cross the railroad tracks and start up a rise. The road takes a hard right, and then we are the third driveway on the right. There is a lighted directory sign by the road. Turn into the driveway and come down the side of the building.


We welcome your questions,‭ ‬concerns,‭ ‬or comments so please contact us at any time.‭ ‬We appreciate your input as it helps us improve our program.‭ ‬

Guidelines for Parents

‭ ‬ 1.‭ ‬Please tell us if your child has any medical,‭ ‬physical,‭ ‬or personal problems.‭ ‬ 2.‭ ‬Everyone who is not a student in the class must remain in the observatior area.‭ ‬Insurance regulations forbid any non-students from being in the gym.‭ ‬ 3.‭ ‬Clothing worn in class should allow maximum freedom of movement.‭ ‬We prefer that girls in the grade school classes wear leotards.‭ ‬Please do not wear long T-shirts that can‭’‬t be tucked in,‭ ‬jeans,‭ ‬belts and clothing with zippers,‭ ‬snaps,‭ ‬buckles,‭ ‬etc.‭ ‬Bare feet are advised.‭ ‬Long hair must be pulled back.‭ ‬Please remove all jewelry your child is wearing before class.‭ ‬ 4.‭ ‬Tuition is due every four weeks.‭ ‬Our school season is‭ ‬40‭ ‬weeks long over a‭ ‬10-month period so you always receive‭ ‬4‭ ‬lessons for each payment.‭ ‬The tuition due dates are:‭ ‬August‭ ‬15,‭ ‬September‭ ‬12,‭ ‬October‭ ‬11,‭ ‬November‭ 7,‬‭ ‬December‭ 5,‬‭ ‬January‭ 9,‬‭ ‬February 6, ‬‭ ‬March‭ 5,‬‭  ‬ApriI 2, and April 30.  ‭ ‬A‭ ‬10-week summer session with a different tuition payment schedule will be announced in the spring.‭ ‬ 5.‭ ‬You may deposit your tuition‭ ‬check‭ ‬in the PAYMENT BOX on the shelf in the office.‭ ‬ 6.‭ ‬There are workbooks‭ ‬for students who are Super Rompers‭ (‬4‭ ‬to‭ ‬5‭ ‬yrs.‭) ‬and Skill Levels‭ ‬1-4‭ ‬students‭ (‬grades K and up‭)‬.‭ ‬The skills are illustrated and described and the instructor initials each skill as it is completed.‭ ‬We have found that the workbooks are a great motivator for the students and they also keep the parents informed of their child‭’‬s progress.‭ ‬You may purchase them at the counter in the office for‭ ‬$6.99‭ ‬plus tax.‭ ‬ 7.‭ ‬In the‭ “‬TUMBLE SHOP‭”‬ we sell gymnastics apparel and have shipments of leotards,‭ ‬shorts,‭ ‬and gymnastics accessories arriving on a regular basis.‭ ‬ 8.‭ ‬MAKE UP POLICY:‭ ‬Although it is not a requirement that students make up any missed classes,‭ ‬we offer that opportunity for those who do wish to have a make up.‭ ‬All makeups must be completed within‭ ‬2‭ ‬months of the absence or the end of the season in June,‭ ‬whichever comes first.‭ ‬It is OK for a student to make up a class in advance if they know of an upcoming absence.‭ Pre-school students in Wigglers,‭ ‬Trompers,‭ ‬and Super Romper classes can make up a class by contacting the office and making an appointment.‭ ‬Students in grade school classes can make up any missed classes by attending the MAKE UP CLASS any Friday from‭ 6:00 to 7:00‭ ‬PM.‭ ‬Please call the office to make an appointment for a spot in this make up.‭ ‬If a student doesn‭’‬t have any make ups due her/him and wishes to attend‭; ‬she/he may do so for a‭ ‬$7‭ ‬fee.‭ ‬ 9.‭ ‬LOST AND FOUND:‭ ‬If you have lost something,‭ ‬check the lost‭ ‬and found basket by the snack machine in the coat room and the jewelry dish on the shelf between the office and the hallway as we usually have quite an assortment of clothing and jewelry‭! ‭‭‭ 10.‭ ‬TEAM PROMOTIONS:‭ ‬When a student completes all skills in Level‭ ‬1-4‭ ‬they are eligible to be on the PENOBSCOT VALLEY GYMNASTICS TEAM.‭ ‬Before the gymnast has completed all the skills,‭ ‬we contact the gymnast‭’‬s parents and inform them of their child‭’‬s impending achievement.‭ ‬The benefits and responsibilities of being on‭ ‬the team are discussed and then it is decided whether or not the gymnast will become a team member.‭ ‬If not,‭ ‬it were decided which class would be the best one for the gymnast when she completes Level‭ ‬4.‭ ‬ 11.‭ ‬For your records,‭ ‬we are including the following,‭ ‬which is the information on the enrollment form that you completed when you enrolled your child in our program.‭ ‬I hereby enroll‭ ___________________________ ‬for classes at PVSG starting the week of‭ ‬NOTE:‭ ‬The first month‭’‬s tuition is prorated for students‭ ‬starting classes during the‭ ‬4-‭ ‬week payment period.‭ ‬I agree to pay for all classes reserved for me,‭ ‬whether I utilize this time or not.‭ ‬PVSG automatically reserves your child‭’‬s space in class each month unless YOU notify us in writing of your child‭’‬s discontinuance.‭ ‬ TUITION:‭ ‬Due every four weeks.‭ ‬We do not bill.‭ ‬$3.00‭ ‬fee for late payment.‭ ‬There is also a‭ ‬$20.00‭ ‬returned check fee.‭ ‬ REFUNDS:‭ ‬PVSG offers‭ ‬NO REFUNDS OF TUITION OR CREDIT FOR MISSED CLASSES.‭ ‬In case of extended illness or injury,‭ ‬please contact the office.‭ ‬ WITHDRAWING:‭ ‬PVSG requires two weeks written notice before a student withdraws from class and the two weeks tuition is due whether the student attends or not.‭ ‬This applies to students taking a leave of absence as well as students not planning to return.‭ ‬A‭ ‬$15.00‭ ‬re-registration fee is charged for students who re-register after taking a voluntary leave during the season.‭ ‬ REGISTRATION‭ ‬FEE:‭ ‬There is an annual‭ ‬$20.00‭ ‬registration and insurance fee that is due in advance of class participation.‭ Tuition is due every four weeks.‭ ‬Our school season is‭ ‬40‭ ‬weeks long over a‭ ‬10‭ ‬month period so‭ ‬you always receive‭ ‬4‭ ‬lessons for each payment.‭ ‬The tuition due dates are:‭ August‭ 15     September 12    October 11    November 7    December 5    January 9    February 6    March 5    April 2    April 30 ‭‬‭ ‬Our session runs for‭ ‬40‭ ‬weeks.‭ ‬Classes start on Monday,‭ ‬August‭ ‬24th‭ ‬and will end for the season on June‭ 4th,‭ ‬2016.‭ ‬A‭ ‬10-week summer session with a different tuition payment schedule will be announced in the spring.‭ ‬We will be closed for Labor Day on Monday,‭ ‬September‭ 7‬th,‭ ‬Thanksgiving Day on Thursday,‭ ‬November‭ ‬26th   New Year's Day on Friday, January 1st  ‭ ‬and Memorial Day on Monday,‭ ‬May‭ 30‬th.‭  ‬Students who have classes on these days will have their classes on a different day that week.‭ ‬A notice will be sent to you for your class time for these holidays.‭ ‬We will be closed one week of classes for Christmas vacation,‭ ‬starting Wednesday December‭ ‬23rd‭ ‬through Sunday, December‭ ‬29th.‭ ‬This week is not included in the‭ ‬40-week session,‭ ‬so there are no make-ups for that week.‭

Team Policies